dealsawkward turtle by ramyb for $15.00


since they're not woot shirts, i wonder if these are ok to be used as pants. awkward turtle pants


will this make me turtley enough for the turtle club?


Baaa Haaa Haaa Haaaa! Would have been even funnier if the model was Carrot Top!


I suspect that many people are fighting conflicting urges to upvote because woot staff added this deal and to downvote it because it's @ramyb.


I fail to see how a $15 shirt is a deal in any way other then promotion for ramyb.


@infernox: Most online shirts I see price around $25 before shipping, unless it's a deal site.


@gideonfrost: I upvoted this deal. Not so much for @jumbowoot's sake, but because I much rather @ramyb keep the turbunguins there instead!

(Disclaimer: I was first sucker on one of his shirts, and last sucker on two, even though Woot messed one of them up, so don't think I'm in the anti-crowd. Not anymore, at least. That was so last year.)


Oh look, as if there weren't enough of the cute animal shirts gunking up the reckoning by this artist, now it's spilled over to deals.woot too.


What is this talk about ramyb?


@tewcewl: He's shirt.woot #1 winning artist, with over 50 designs printed here already and having presence in the Reckoning continuously for the past 3+ years ... but not without controversy over his designs and suspicious actions in the past.

The term "turbunguins" was coined for the number of turtles, bunnies, and penguin designs he's submitted over these years.


Most of the shirts on the site were derby entries. Many were popular with his fans but rejected from the woot derby for various reasons.