dealsget a free nook! - barnes & noble for $0.00…


More like get a nook for $240. No thanks. Good effort though NY Times.


If you already get the NYT it's a fantastic deal. A digital subscription is $20/month and home delivery is $35/month. Save a penny every month on your digital subscription and get a free nook. If you don't care about the newspaper then its obviously not the right deal for you.


@dirtypool: Or it's like getting a year subscription to the NY Times for $140 if you're in the market for a Nook anyway.


You can also sub a Nook Color for $99.00, if you want the versitality of playing games & watching movies. The NY Times is a great newspaper to read, and the $20 a month is not a bad price for a daily newspaper delivered to you (digitally, of course).