deals2 pack micro led tactical flashlight 50 lumen 1…


I'm not so sure these are CREE flashlights. I would seriously hold off if these aren't CREE. I got one of these as a freebie promotion and it was called LED but not CREE and let me tell you it was the crappiest little light ever.


Hmmm, to CREE or not to CREE, that is the question.

Or maybe the question really is: to CREE or to CRAP?

OK, let's check their claims that this is 1 watt bright, and runs for 12 hours on an AA cell.

A typical NiMH AA cell has about 2400 mA-hrs of juice. In other words, it can put out 2400 mA of current for one hour. If a given light runs for 12 hours on an AA cell, then the light's current is 2400 mA-hrs / 12 hrs = 200 mA of current.

So if this light runs for 12 hours on an AA cell, then it is 200 mA bright, NOT 1 Amp (1000 mA) bright.

Or, if this light is really 1 Amp bright, then it will run for 2400 mA-hrs / 1000 mA = 2.4 hours on a AA cell.

You cannot ignore the laws of science. Which means this vendor is full of CRAP... not CREE.