dealsmost likely to secede t-shirt for $12.64


Heck you could call your new country Gohmertville ! Nasty looking shirt by the way.


As a 5th or 6th generation Texan the only way I would approve is if the state were divided and all the morons moved there. Possible name would be Dumf*kistan.

Funny shirt and humor made possible by years of not investing in education.


What we don't have is amber waves of grain. As long as we can't feed our millions succession is just a dream.


Too which I say "good luck getting by without the rest of us", and of course - "don't let the door hit you on the way out".


Texas has no 'right to secede' recognized by the Federales. However, they do have the power to split into 5 separate states per their original annexation agreement (which would let them pick up 8 additional senators). They're also the only state in the union which may fly their state flag at the same height as the national flag.

(I no longer live in Texas, but remain a Texan in heart).


I'm from Texas also. I doubt there's much chance of secession ever happening, but I believe Texas' technological and natural resources mean we're one of few states that could successfully do it. We have oil, gas, agriculture, semiconductor, automotive, and plenty of square miles (bigger than Germany). We even manufacture fighter jets and missiles here.

Who knows what the world wil look like twenty years from now?


Anythings possible champ... "legal" doesnt mean anything if the institution of the Union isnt recognized, hence legal secession


Suggested new name: Amurkastan

(Apparently Texas has a right to stupidity?)


I live in Texas. While the right to secede is in Texas's state constitution, it doesn't actually make it legally possible. It is a common misconception among Texans, and other Americans, though.