dealsamazon instant video now on playstation 3 (free…


Will it be coming soon to Wii


I'm confused - the app is free on PS3, what is $9.99? The Prime video rental subscription?


@wynterwynd: I set it up on my ps3 free of cost and I don't have prime.


I think the 9.99 would be for unrestricted access to the "120,000+" videos (that comes free with Amazon Prime) ... otherwise isn't it an individual cost per rental / purchase?


Is this $9.99 per month, year or some other span of time?


I'm not sure what the $9.99 is, but Amazon Prime is $79 a year and the first month is free. If you're a student, you can get 6 months for free. It's worth it for the free two-day shipping if you order stuff online a lot. Their video library isn't the best, but there's some good TV series on there. Plus, if you have a Kindle their Kindle lenders library is excellent.


Also as a student after your initiall free time you can continue to recieve Prime at half the regular anual fee (39.99). Although while on your free time i do not believe that it includes this video service untill you're a paying member. When it first came out they did state the free video service was only available to paying prime members...


@stupidel: As one who's used student, That's all correct. The half-price renewal does give you all the features of prime (instant video, kindle lending library, etc), not just free shipping; although you have to stay a student to get it (I think there's even a limit as to how many years you can do that).


@dougtheneard: You are correct, you can renew up to three times at the reduced rate of $39.99 after you use up your free year of Amazon Prime Student. I have Netflix so I'm just waiting till my free prime ends. By the way, if you still have a valid .edu address you can register for Amazon Prime Student.