dealsbond 50: the complete 22 film collection [blu-ray…


M: 007!
General Anatol Gogol: Triple X!
Sir Frederick Gray, Minister of Defence: Bond! What do you think you're doing?
James Bond: Keeping the British end up, sir.


This is a pretty solid deal. I remember when the Bond movies first came out of DVD and they were in 3 box sets of 6 or 7 movies each for about $150 per set!


Blu-ray?! I just bought the first 17 movies on LaserDisc for like $20.

Plus you get awesome politically incorrect cover art on the jackets.


130 hours of bonus features? I think I would be Bond-burned-out after I hit the 20th hour.


The Amazon UK version might end up cheaper at £89.99 even when adding shipping, however folks are not sure if it will be region free, in order to play on our US Blu-Ray players. If you have your Blu-Ray player setup for region-free you may be good to go, otherwise I would wait to find out from others before buying.


Less than $5 per movie? It's hard to justify spending $200 all at once, but a great deal. I have half of them on DVD and the two newest on BD, but this is hard to pass up.


Whoops... Faulty math there. Still, less than $10 per movie? Not as geat, but still a decent deal.


Going to be almost a year before these drops.

Teh suck.


I love James Bond .Good deal.


@markbryan: I'm certainly no expert, but I thought one of the big things about Bluray was that it was entirely region free. :/

I've purchased a number of BDs from the Amazon UK store that all worked fine, what's different about this one that makes people think it won't work here?



While you are correct that Bluray discs could remain region free, the studios' still have the option to enable region restrictions on the discs. Therefore, even though "most" bluray discs will be region free, it's always wise to verify beforehand. A good source that I always use to reference when purchasing from amazon uk is


@captaintr1pps: Well, until Skyfall. Once it comes out this will no longer be the "Complete: collection.


@duken58: Just thought to go back and look at my previous orders from over there, and all the other BDs I've purchased were specifically Region Free, so I guess I got lucky.

Since this is specifically listed as Region B I think it does indeed mean the UK version won't play on many BD players here. :(
Which is a bummer, cause that one comes out to like $120 instead of $200, which would actually be purchasable for me.