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Some groups included are (one album each) Lumineers, Frank Ocean, Elton John, GnR, The Killers, Band Perry, Queen, Carly Rae Silversun Pickups, U2, Train, Rhianna, No Doubt, Toby Keith, The Who, The Fray, Rick Ross.

Not a bad selection, if you are looking to broaden your collection.


Hey, that rhymes. You're a poet but don't know it.


The Lumineers, Frank Ocean, MGMT, Temper Trap: must haves.


I have been dreadfully disappointed with Amazon MP3s. They're only encoded for 128k, and the volume leveling is horrible! The last album I bought was for Queen's Greatest Hits, and it's muddy and muted. They need to be at least 320k, with proper volume leveling and available in formats other than MP3.

I feel no shame whatsoever in downloading a high-quality pirate copy, seeing as I've paid for the crappy legitimate one.


Nice. I am actually seeing them tomorrow night with Dave Matthews Band.


@jixiar: All my Amazon MP3's have been 256kbps. Don't know about or haven't seen problems with leveling though.


@jixiar: I just checked several songs I've purchased through Amazon, and all of them are at or near 256kbps. I've also never noticed a leveling issue. I'm no audiophile, but I've always been happy with what I've purchased from them.


@jixiar: I have bought a lot of albums from them lately and I just double checked they are all 256 and volume levels are fine. Maybe you just think you're an audiophile.


@jixiar: I just spot checked some of my Amazon MP3s, and nearly all of them were 256k, even ones that arguably didn't actually need it ("The Chipmunk Song"). A couple were variable-rate files that were nearly 256k, close enough that I doubt anyone could tell.

Amazon's own site confirms this:

If you did get poor-quality files, let them know and I'm sure they'll probably credit your account or something.


@jixiar: I agree to some extent. Some of the albums may be 256, but it seems many of them are not quite as well done, some seem worse than others. Overall, price is right, but I wish it could be better. 320 would be much better.


@starblind: Did you know: the Chipmunk voices were actually recorded at 128kb/s and then SPED UP to 256kb/s?


I've never noticed any audio problems (They're maybe louder than home-ripped), but I have noticed that their MP3 tagger is not great. Many albums have the artist's name spelled incorrectly, or the tag is empty where many (mine at least) devices look for the artist's name.


stupid question but.. what can you listen to these on? can you use an ipod or a samsung or just kindles? i am old and not up to date on this stuff so be kind!


@wkmtca: They're MP3s, so you can listen to them on most any sort of audio player, though I think for Apple products you have to use iTunes to convert the files or something...but I'm not sure, I don't own Apple products.


@wkmtca: They'll definitely work on your Kindle (amazon makes Kindles), and they should work on any Android phone as they're DRM Free MP3s, that means that they don't have any limitations on what they can be played on.

When I download them on my Macbook, the player also opens them in my iTunes, no conversion necessary. From there, I can transfer them to my iPhone or my iPod. As far as I know these should play on anything that plays songs, unless the device itself requires specific filetypes that aren't MP3s.


Also, I'm not really an audiophile I guess, but I do like listening to things. Sometimes the MP3s seem slightly lower in quality, but I've noticed that they sound the same as the CDs when I go and look them up. The MP3s are generally just the same thing as the CD mix, so if you have an issue with the MP3 buying the CD won't help much (in my own experience at least). Older albums sound like they did when they were released, newer albums (like Halcyon), sound just like the songs do on the radio (or better, if you have crappy radio stations).

I've personally never been disappointed, and I've downloaded a butt-ton of music from Amazon.


In for Sublime. There is an Excellent Guns and Roses greatest hits album as well(have bought from a previous sale)


Just to clarify, it is $3.99 per album, not $3.99 for ALL.

Sometimes Amazon offers incredible deals on a bunch of music for like $0.99 or so. This deal may have some bargains, but it isn't the whole shabang