dealsprometheus- vudu movie rental of the day for $0.99


I watched this movie and it was enjoyable. It is the precept of where Aliens came from (and possibly how humans were put on earth). I have read reviews from raving to not liking the show and I can see how different people get completely different opinions. I really enjoyed watching it and would watch it again if that helps you decide. For $.99 it is a no-brainer rental.


I hated this movie and it was a movie I really wanted to like, I liked the premiss of the movie but it let me down. For $.99 it would be worth a watch, just to say you saw it.


Long, drawn out and boring - but if you got a buck and time to waste a great find!


Of course if you have a redbox close by there are always codes floating around to get a free rental.


I saw it in theaters. I felt it was worth at least one watch. I don't think I'll deliberately watch it again, but if it happens to be on TV in a few years, maybe.

I don't think you could go wrong for $0.99.


Visually appealing and thematically interesting but most of the characters were flat and lifeless and some of the fright scenes were kinda cheesy. The angry geologist with the mohawk doesn't get along with the nerdy biologist. Really?

I guess I'm just jaded after watching so many horror movies. Trying not to spoil anything here, but that scene where the first attack occurs was telegraphed as soon as they introduced the characters. And when one guys shows back up unexpectdely? Would have been just as terrifying as anything in The Thing, but saw it coming a mile away.


@jph37: Same here, I would still rent it if you haven't seen it...but realize its riddled with plot holes. If you come to terms with that early you can probably enjoy it more.


We get it, you hate the movie, like you hate everything. Go away!


@wootfast: Awesome, awesome, and more awesome!! Thank you for posting that YT link!

Personally, I loved the movie overall. But this 4 minute clip sums nicely 90% of the questions I have about the movie. They put it quite nicely.

Not to threadjack -- a $0.99 rental to see this is well worth it. The visual effects are astounding.