dealsportal 2 interactive gels for $1.00


This sale was a triumph!

I'm making a note here: "Huge Success".

It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.


I just bought these few days back..Rats!! I knew I should have waited


Aperture Science? They do what they must because they can.


Awesome. Grabbed all three for $1.99. Also the really expensive Portal hoodie they had that I've always wanted but wasn't willing to spend the $60 on, is %30 off too so I grabbed that as well


If shipping wasn't $6+, i'd get it. Gotta wait till I get a big purchase from TG for the free shipping


@bcbird: Shipping stays the same for buying more. I might buy 5 of the 3-packs for $16. Nice.


@minxa1: Chat with them on their site and see if you can get a store credit. Thats what I did when my product was listed for $3 cheaper then what I paid. Though mine hadn't shipped yet so that may have helped my case. Worth a try anyway.


@fredwallace18: Ya, I know - but that's why I said I need to wait till I make a big purchase. But AFTER posting that I did notice they have a big sale going on. Might have to explore


I picked up a set of theses while doing some early holiday shopping.


It's been a LONG time since I've made a purchase on

In for 10 sets! (Stocking Stuffers!)


If it wasnt for the shipping I would get some. I always have a hard time buying an item that costs more to ship then the actual item costs. I know I can buy more then one set, but I just dont know why I would.


Just got mine today and was surprised to find they were the "full size" cans. I totally thought they were the little small can of putty for that price. So wish I would have ordered a bunch more but checking back now they are all gone :(.

Love this stuff though!