deals8mm freshwater pearl set with sterling silver…


There goes my idea to wear them to the June Cleaver Con in July....:(


Hey it's Shadora here! We hope you had a lovely Holiday! If your New Year's Resolution is to be more romantic, these will set you right on track!

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Remember that FRESHWATER pearls are NOT SPHERICAL! i.e. they are all sorts of random shapes that come out of natural oysters. Despite the photo showing only the most spherical of the lot all put together into one set - I would like to see a non-advertising photo of a set representative of what buyers will actually receive!

Don't get me wrong, freshwater pearls can be very beautiful, but they aren't big round BALLS of pearlescent beauty, like seeded pearls are. They're more like tiny, pearlescent, river rocks.

I also question the 8mm size. That's HUGE for freshwater pearls! Hell, that's big for seeded pearls. This strikes me as a deal that's too good to be true. If it is, then this is a steal!


@amberoonie: She paid $25 for a "diamond" bracelet and got pretty much what she had expected.

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