dealssamsung galaxy tab 10.1” 32 gb wi-fi android…


Wtf now deals.woot is doing in store only deals? sigh..


To be such the coming thing, there sure seems to a lot of refurbed tabs everywhere.


Or you can spend another $50 (i.e. $499) and get a new 32GB Asus Transformer Prime. Quad-core (Tegra 3), thinner, microSD and micro HDMI. And there was news yesterday that this will be the first Ice Cream Sandwich tablet.

I'm getting tired of waiting for iPad 3...


For that price, I dunno... I'd just rather get a laptop. Tablets are cool and whatnot, but for the price, they can't replace the functionality of a laptop that is upgradable, has a physical keyboard, VGA/HDMI out, USB host ports, etc. etc.

For me, once tablets get past a certain price range, it just doesn't become worth it. Tablets in the $200-$300 range? Ok.. anything more than that is just overspending, but hey, to each their own. There are few things that the expensive models can do that a Nook Color/Tablet, Kindle Fire (or other like tablet) running CM7 can't, especially things that justify spending an additional $300-$400.

Again, to each their own.



@marcusdavidwong: If u can actually find anyone that has those available for that price??


$450 for a refurb? Who knows if they fix the right problem with these refurbs. I'd rather get a new one for a little more for a peace of mind. No thanks.


I agree to a certain extent. I have both a laptop and iPad, which I'm using now (I rec'd for Christmas) The iPad is much more convenient in a pinch and easier to cart around. But it only has have wifi. Have both 3G and wifi on laptop. So each device has it's place so-to-speak. Right now the iPad is convenient for me. No accessories, wires, bulky case or an extra mouse that I HAVE to have w/a laptop because i don't like the mouse "pad". Still, I AIN'T getting rid of my laptop. Still very useful.

Regarding this iPad - an Apple product - I just learned they do NOT support Adobe products. i.e. NO flash player at all. Obviously that seriously reduces the apps and overall features one can use on this thing and I'm discovering how irritating it is. My husband payed about $600+ for this thing and this is unacceptable. Haven't found a solution yet but still looking for SOME resolution... If any. : /

Anyway, my .02 €ents!


Not much, but $10 is $10... be sure to print this coupon to use in-store.

Says CompUSA but should be honored in a TigerDirect store as well.


@boogiecat: I hear you on the whole "not wanting to carry accessories around" thing. Usually when I leave for someplace, I always stash my Nook Color with me. I can do wireless tethering with my phone at 4G speeds, so internet is never really an issue.

As for the flash issue, IIRC, there is an app that allows you to enjoy flash sites and the like, but it still isn't supported natively in the iPad or any iProduct (iPhone/touch/etc).

I bought my laptop back in Feb of '10, right before the iPad was released, but was looking for something I can use as a laptop, take handwritten notes on (so a touchscreen with stylus capability), and everything else a tablet and laptop can do, and was lucky enough to get the HP Touchsmart while it was offered. Great little machine.. But, they no longer carry the "convertible laptops", but I think Toshiba or Dell picked it up.

Here's a pic of my laptop in "tablet" mode:


I'm going to wait a few months for first-gen tablets such as the Tab 10.1, Transformer, and Xoom to drop down to the $300 range.


A refurb from Tiger Direct? I wouldn't touch it.

Tiger jerked me around on a defective CPU, at first refusing to accept that it was stone-cold dead, then requiring me to ship it to them for "testing". They "tested" it, declared it working (?) and sent it back to me.

I didn't understand why until the end of the exercise. During the first 90 days it's return to seller. After that, it's return to the manufacturer. They held my money hostage until they no longer had to honor the warranty. The manufacturer shipped me a replacement right away.

Tiger sells stuff cheap, but their customer service stinks. Don't buy from Tiger.


Oh - a tablet! It's good to see one sold here as I didn't see one on the Woot Off this week.

Nope, not one. Ten or Fifteen.


I just bought one of these at Walmart, brand new, for $450. Pass.

Good unit tho.


Might as well get an iPad 2 for that price. I picked up a 16GB Toshiba Thrive for $280 on Woot, and I'm happy with it. For $450, it should at least come with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).


@alfredenigma: This is not an in-store only deal.


@marcusdavidwong: My Xoom just updated itself to ICS a couple nights ago... might not have been the first, but I take this to mean that the updates will be rolling out soon.


@thefenst: up untill a few hours ago when you went to he page the order link wasnt there it said "in store only"


@marcusdavidwong: Transformer Prime has had ICS for a week or so now.


I won one of these from and it is pretty excellent. I have rooted it and will be listing it on eBay as soon as Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 is out for it in the next week or two. This wont be the official update as that will be a while but a custom rom, which is better anyway. I'll take $500 for it and it's NOT refurbished. This guy is way better than the iPad 1 or 2.


@roxtarryan - This can replace your laptop. Logitech has a keyboard/stand that pairs with this via bluetooth and a mouse. So unless you're running certain applications that Android doesn't have it can work instead of a laptop.
Tablets are really made to replace netbooks - web surfing, light gaming, emails and such.


I bought the refurb 16GB from Woot for $320. I don't see how they can charge $120 for 16GB of flash that probably costs $10 max over the 16G