dealswe are young (feat. janelle monáe): fun. and…


Instead of buying these, I'll just turn on the radio where they're repeating ad infinitum.


@me4tj: A quick trip to Best Buy with a diversion and an empty backpack will get you almost anything on here for free. You think that's okay too?


@me4tj: moreso because at 50 cents per song, why wouldn't you want to give back to those that created it.


Thanks! Was just considering buying Thrift Shop last night from iTunes, but laziness got the best of me (I'll have to download this on my PC, then copy it to my Android phone..).

Amazon MP3 store to the rescue! Plus, saved $0.69!


@me4tj: Because when a business makes it easy to take my money, not piss me off (or actually provides value), and let me do things the proper way, I'll do it. Examples: Amazon MP3 store & Steam.


lol i literally bought this song when i got off of work yesterday. oh well hahaha.


A quick google of any of these song titles with .mp3 and you can download them for free. Why pay for them?