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If you're on the fence about getting into gaming...then the first hit is free, but after that you've gotta pay. Wait no, that something else...but this is a great chance to try the Xbox world without a lot of investment.


Unless budget is a really limiting factor, I would strongly advise against purchasing a refurbished original Xbox 360. Many of these Xboxes suffer from the dreaded E74 or RROD errors, which can be temporarily fixed by replacement of the X-clamp and reflow of the solder on the GPU, but within a year most of these Xboxes will fail again. It's just poor engineering and cheap hardware for this iteration of the Xbox. If you would like to learn more, Wikipedia has a good article that details all of the technical problems for this iteration of the console (yes, it is so bad that an entire Wikipedia article exists for it):

It's a much better use of your money to get a used Xbox slim, which has a better processor, all-around better engineering, and better materials. It will last.


Best buy has a company called NUKO INC. Refurbish their consoles. They keep deleting the sku on their site and readding under a new SKU because the ratings get so bad. This console has a 2.3 out of 5 rating currently. They use crap quality thermal paste, don't replace lasers, and don't do any motherboard rework. As cheap as this is, all you would end up with in the end is a $20 controller. If you want to lose $70 on this deal, go ahead and make a purchase.

If you really don't care how long it lasts and really want to buy it, I'd suggest to never turn it off when you get it. Keeping the console on will save the board from warping in the heating/cooling cycle of being on and off.


@squidboots: I have a refurbed old 360 and i havnt had one problem in over 4 years... Not saying i dont agree about the old 360s having problem, but i know you can fix their flaws.

All in all i say just buy the new style 360...far safer