dealssuper mario chess set for $34.99


In my game of chess I'd make Peach and Daisy be King and Queen.


@spicyflavor: Well it's $5 (13%) off of the regular price. A quick googling shows other sites with similar prices so I'm not sure it's a good deal


simply put, it's Mario chess. not necessarily a deal (at price and % off), but would be awesome to have.


this would be funny at first, then just get kind of old. In my opinion, at least.


Lame, the bishops are different on the Mario team.


I found this for 15 dollars at Target. Still not a bad deal. However, I challenge you to find Super Mario Brothers Risk. Make it an open challenge in doing so. Guarantee, you'll never find it. I have probably only one of a thousand copies in the whole world.


Who is the King & who is the Queen? Mario or Luigi?
From what I hear about Mario......