deals10-pk universal mini stylus capacitive touch…


@pamfenway: Real interesting that people would downvote a simple addition like shiping cost. I cannot remember @laalo ever including it in the listing.


@morriea: Yep, you'd think it would be helpful info.

One more reminder that laalo sucks more every week.


I am convinced that laalo has an army of upvoters. That is why someone would downvote the addition of shipping charges.

Interestingly, if you buy one of their items, even if it weighs .002 ounces, you pay the shipping charge. If you buy two (at .004 ounces), you pay the shipping charge TWICE.

I can NEVER remember any of their items being a real deal when the mandatory $5 per item shipping is accounted for.

(Watch the army downvote me.)


You can buy this for $2.04 from Amazon without paying for shipping. You will have to wait to have it shipped from China (about 2 weeks for me). I bought them and find them very useful. I always lose the non attachable version. Just be warned they are metal, so keep them off your screen saver/screen when not using phone. Also remember to take them out when you need your speaker to work (that's where they attach to your phone).