deals3 dozen golf balls for $9.99


It's a shame that they are unbranded. I'll hit most brands, but absolutely hate Top Flight. If I knew that only a certin percentage was brand X, I'd buy them in a heartbeat and use the ones I don't like at the range.


My BIL is visually impaired and an avid golfer. As you can imagine, he loses a LOT of golf balls. I always watch out for deals like this for his birthday, Christmas, or just because he's a nice guy.


It's a great deal if you don't care much about the feel and spin of your golfball. I've become very picky and even if I play with a different type, I keep that brand/model the entire round to keep that part of my game consistent so I can reliably adjust to conditions. This doesn't even say if they are all the saemm type of ball. I imagine these will be generic rocks like chep range balls.


Last time I got a random selection of personalized golf balls, I ended up with a couple that were personalized for Penthouse.

I never did use those, I would only just wonder what kind of amazing golfing event Penthouse must have had.


In my opinion, either you want the same high quality consistent ball.... or you're willing to use the randomness grab bag and save a chunk of change. There's no reason to be in between. I see recycled golf balls on my craigslist CONSTANTLY around $15 for 100 balls. Every so often, I see them $10 for 100 balls. I recently went and bought 300 from someone for $30, and he actually gave me closer to ~400. A mix everything including Nike's, Bridgestone's, Titleist, Callaway, etc etc etc. Let's face it. If you're willing to use a 2nd rate random ball, then using one that's been hit a few times doesn't make a difference to you either. If you want good balls, then you should be buying them new, where each one will be an identical, consistent, 1st run quality ball.


I'm buying these just to donate to our troops over seas.


Don't hide behind your downvote. It was only my opinion. If yours differs, then let's hear it.

Simply saying good golfers want a ball that will be consistent and react in a predictable manner. If you're not a solid golfer, then you shouldn't care if the ball had been used a little. Simply because the ball has been hit a few times before isn't the reason you sliced your drive off into the trees...


I've lost more balls than a roomful of eunuchs.
Great deal for me.


Oh, man. My balls just arrived and I ended up with 3 dozen balls that say "Bridesmaid" and have a picture of a bride.