deals3 ft. inflatable giraffe for $11.00


Yo! folks, forcing people to create an account to look at items is costing you sales.


@honestmofo: Here's the image of the product:

The description above is complete. Flash sale always asks for a registration, it's not spam.


@lll0228: You're not getting it.

The site pops up a "Join the Foundary" box that completely disallows any navigation of the site. You can't look at the terms, info on the company, or anything else until you give up an e-mail address. (You can kind of see the description of the item in question, but that's not the point.)

I will not do business with someone that demands that I give them an e-mail address before I get a chance to read their terms to help understand what they're going to do with it.


Can I make this battle the 4 ft inflatable velociraptor?


@rhmurphy reads every EULA and T&C he comes across in full.


Um, no, I don't "read every EULA and T&C".

But I also don't give an e-mail address out to some random website without knowing what they plan to use it for. Are they going to add it to their daily marketing list and call it a "subscription", requiring me to ask to not be spammed? Sell it to other spammers?

When you have a company that's worried about collecting your personal information before they let you see what they're selling, why would you want to do business with them?

The community discussion on this got the right analogy: it's like a store demanding to see your driver's license before allowing you in the door. Even better, it's like a store with the windows blacked out doing it. Annoying your customers like that is not a brilliant business plan.


@rhmurphy: With the time it took to write that reply, you would have noticed that Hayneedle is a reputable company and that TheFoundary is their flash sale arm, which is legitimate.

They do not sell your email address, in fact, the market for email address sale is down severely. It's easier to get to the right customer by targeted marketing. There is no spam. They send you an email a day, telling you what is available that day, that's it.

It is a brilliant business plan. The ONLY companies that have the growth at over 100% in the past few years are ALL flash sale sites, Fab, Zulily, Gilt, Rue La La etc.

You would not be disappointed, it's good stuff. I am a very happy customer, be rest assured that you won't get spam. I don't have any spam in my shopping email address.


@lll0228: Um, yeah. If I had actually spent the time to look at the site again prior to that last reply, I would have seen the obvious "Terms and Conditions" link. Before clicking, you can see what they're going to do, which is pretty much what I'm asking for. In other words,

My argument is invalid.