dealsfamily handyman magazine subscription deal for $4…


Great Magazine, plus they almost always have great Harbor Freight coupons too inside!


I used to enjoy this magazine... However, after you get it for a year or two, you realize they run the same projects over and over, just with small differences.


In for four years. Before the coupon code it said $96.00, afterwards it said $19.96. That's a heckava discount!

At this price, even if I only ever find one project in it worth $20 or more, it'll have paid for itself.

As for repeating projects, that's fine - it means that by the end of my four year subscription I'll have collected their entire library of projects. That's not a bad thing.

Thanks for the deal!


I buy this everytime it comes around, I have about 12 years total. I just bought one for my father as well. It's a good magazine, and while I cannot do all the things in the magazine, I do like all the great ideas.


Appears to be dead. Code did not work for me :(



"Errors Found :(
"WOOT" coupon code cannot be used with the items in your cart."


Coupon code did not work for me either, darn missed the deal.

vote-for1vote-against has this same deal using the same WOOT discount code. Here's the link: They even take Paypal so if you have a Paypal account, you don't even have to enter your shipping information.


I got it, 4 years, from Tanga at this price 30 minutes ago...