dealssamsung 24" ultra slim led monitor for $139.00…


I bought a Samsung SyncMaster (23") monitor about a year ago because it was a great price. Well, it just crapped out on me and I am told that it would cost ~$150 to fix it. Maybe I just had a lemon, but I found two other people on Amazon who had the same problem. Never again will I buy a Samsung monitor... I am hoping that my new Asus lasts much longer.


If it was a year ago, you should have registerred it when you bought it and returned it for the two year warranty repair coverage. Don't fault Samsung for your failure to follow instructions.

This is a good deal on a good monitor.

If your monitor was a refurbished product and not elegible for the warranty, there's a reason that refurbs are well... cheaper.


Wait, so it is my fault that the Samsung crapped out after a year? I didn't say "Samsung customer service sucks" I said that the monitor didn't last more than a year, which is THE TRUTH and is not my fault- it is Samsung's fault. I posted my comment to warn Wooters about my experience with the product which is MUCH more helpful than someone like you who lashes out with a "You should have..." comment. Also, this monitor is refurbished... so you pretty much proved my point.


If you make a comment about the cost to fix it? When it would otherwise be FREE through the manufacturer?



The only thing that bothers me is that this is a seller refurb not factory. Doesn't seem worth it for the risk alone. But to each his/her own.


The price here is nice, but how about sumsung TV?


@jay81: @jay81: The seller has 177k ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY SEVENTY THOUSAND feedbacks, lol. I think it's incredibly safe to trust him.


I have nearly the same monitor. Got it at Black Friday.

Returned the first one due to 2 blue/stuck pixels in the center of the screen. Luckily, the salesman checked the next one for me, more stuck pixels, he then gave me their last monitor that, luckily, was error-free.

It's got great colors, low-little backlight bleed, and it came at a good price. If it lasts like my old Acer monitor has thus far, it'll be a great deal. Time will tell.


@paintballove: Yikes, I'll take terrible picture quality over stuck pixels any day. I don't know what it is but I just can not look at anything except the broke pixels.


I have two of these monitors and both are working great with about a year on each. I got them at the same time to add to my higher-quality Asus. They're good, though the colors are a little washed out and no matter what I do, one of them always looks more green and the other one always looks more blue. (I have tried several color adjustments and configurations but it's unavoidable.) That said, they look good when playing video and are extremely lightweight and flat, which made it easy to mount them on my wall (I used a set of $15 wall mounts that swivel and they did not put any strain on the mounts and move quite easily.) Please be warned the power button on these monitors have an LED that is very bright and since it's a clear piece of plastic sticking out, there's no good way to cover it up. Because of how thin they are, they warm up slightly during use but stay quite cool when in open air.


Seller seems to have a lot of problems with people receiving items. Also he does not require signature for delivery, which is a simple thing to do and pass on to the customer. The fact he has 15 in the last 30 days means one every other day is unsatisfied.


this deal is back up at the lower price of $124 Free shipping