dealsxbox 360 4gb console w/ skylanders starter kit…


Picking one up just for the xbox ... figure I can sell the game.


@jagrime2: if you pick it up, your best bet is to sell the limited edition figure seperate as that is the only way to get the GREEN Gill Grunt. He is going for around 25-50 dollars on ebay at the moment. Then sell the game for 30 bucks or my estimate for value.


You'll need a bigger hard drive. Official 250GB ones can be found around $80 unless they're on sale. 350GB are $100-$120.


If you have a Phat Xbox 360 you can always transfer your old hard drive into these new models with a little bit of work. YouTube has plenty of how-to videos to check out and it only takes 15 minutes.


@promyst: I heard that adding your fat drive to the slim xbox is like modifying your xbox and can result in a xbox live ban. Is this true?


@dednkicking: I have done it on every slim XBOX I have owned and have never been banned from XBOX live. But I have used their hard drives. Never used a hard drive for my computer.


@dednkicking: No you will not be banned for tampering. I've seen that rumor also floating around but I have never actually seen someone post "I was banned for tampering because I used my old Xbox 360's HDD!"

So, I think it's safe :)