dealsrazor blade sample pack version 2.0 for $9.00


Would you ever have something like a starting kit? Razor, blades, soap, mug, brush, maybe a guide on what to actually do....I've seen enough of these deals pop up here and there and it's worth trying, instead of dropping my paychecks on Mach 3s or whatever the shiny new trend is....


Great tip for folks looking to save a little money - "strop" your razor on your jeans before and after every shave. Look it up on YouTube (no, I'm not trying to spam). I've been doing this for about a year, and I've used 3 blades in the last 12 months.

Basically, you run the razor in the reverse direction (pushing instead of pulling) on your jeans. This keeps the blade dry and sharp.



There you go. :) And as for how, I recommend - pretty much any question you ask, even if it has been asked 10000 times before, will be answered respectfully and nicely. Keep in mind, you might still want this pack, as it comes with some really popular blades and you will want to test them out to find out what works best for you.


What (besides blades) do I actually need? I'd really like to try this out!


@joeyo25: the razor itself and i would use some shave soap over shaving cream.


I switched over to a safety razor wet shave setup about 6 months ago and couldn't be happier. Buying a sample box like this is perfect so you can see what you like best.

You need:
1. A safety razor. Merkur makes good stuff for a good price
2. Blades
3. A brush. I bought an el cheapo brush and it works fine. I just don't expect it to last forever.
4. Some soap. I like tailor of old bond street almond scent.

Nice to have:
A stand to hold razor and brush
A stainless bowl to mix the soap

To be honest I found the jump to the brush/soap combo to actually be the big improvement. This is so superior to using canned gels/foams. The jump to the safety razor is only a small improvement.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I really like the Astra, Supermax and Shark from this box.


@gimalgentry: Yeah, but you can use canned goo until you get some soap. All you "need" to use these blades is a razor. The other stuff is a perk, and a good soap/cream will make your shaves better, but aren't necessary. Soap/Cream isn't where the savings come in.

If you want to use a soap, brush, etc, then your local grocery store might have a Van Der Hagen shave set, which has soap/bowl/brush for $8.


@smirltastic: I've carried a kit in the past (razor, brush, stand) but I wasn't happy with that distributor so I no longer carry it. Everything I sell now is essentially alacarte. To get started you need a razor, some blades, and shaving soap or cream. Depending on the shaving cream you use you can get by without a brush, but your shave will e better with one.

II've got everything you need to get started except brushes (I'm currently out)

You can find Tweezerman brand shaving brushes for fairly cheap online. I used one for years before I felt the desire to upgrade it.

Feel free to email me any questions you may have (email is on the contact us page) Just be prepared for a novel, I love to talk shaving.


Congratulations. You've sold me on a a sample pack of razors and a Parker 91R. So long as I don't hit my jugular on my first attempt with this thing.. I'll be back for more blades.


Is there a handle or just blades?


Tried to buy, but at checkout site said sold out but o check back in a few days.


@artimid: tried it once without shave soap. Wasn't a good time.


@cvisick: The sample pack is now sold out. Plenty of individual packs of different blades available.

@penlight: Yes, there are safety razors available as well as the blades.

Thank you to everyone who ordered, you will be getting an email soon with your tracking info.


I know this deal is dead, but can I follow up with another question?
I avoid shaving cream now because I have a beard and I like to see what I'm doing. Is shaving soap the same way? What are the pros-cons?


@smirltastic: They both accomplish the same thing, lubricate your face and beard for shaving. I use both, which one I use just depends on my mood that day.

Soap tends to be cheaper than cream and lasts longer. I find it easier to get a thicker lather with cream than with soap.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean when you say you avoid cream because you like to see what you are doing. Do you mean with cream the lather is so thick that you can't see where your beard ends? Soap would be a good choice if that's the case. You can easily thin it out by just working extra water into it with your brush.

Until recently I sported a very bushy moustache and never had any problems using either.


I usually use nothing when shaving besides some water.


@smirltastic: Wow! You sir take shaving like a man to a new level! I tip my hat to you.

I notice a difference when I make my lather too watery, I don't think I could pull off just shaving with straight water.


@smirltastic: go to you will learn all you need to know. There is a book and Amazon by Leisureguy that details everything as well. I think it's only $7.99. on Kindle. DE shaving is awesome cheap, and feel great (once technique is mastered). Maggard Razors has a great starter kit for about $35 bucks!