dealsoral-b professional care 1000 rechargeable…


Never actually used one of these models, but I was talking with a couple of people on here awhile back about 'em.

They said that these higher-end model Oral-B's were as good (or better, depending on preference) than Sonicare's.

I'm a huge fan of my Sonicare - I had no idea how much of a difference there was between a CHEAP toothbrush and a high-end one lol.. it's pretty big.

I guess what I'm really saying is: Only brush the ones you want to keep.


This is a great deal. I've recently become a believer in the need for a high quality toothbrush when I bought the battery-powered Sonicare, which I must say is a great toothbrush. But rechargeable brushes have much stronger batteries that make them pulse that much faster, which is what we want.

In for one for the wife!