dealsaccoutrements horse head mask for $17.99


Plus 1 just for the title. lol


$17.99 + Free Shipping
In Stock. Sold by coolfashion
Not sure if shipping is free from other sellers


At the final page before purchase the taxes are 0 and the shipping is 0. The big down side is "Standard (17-28 business days)". So don't expect it any time soon.


That's a rude thing to say. Besides, this is clearly a Nicolas Cage mask.


Reminds me of the Family Guy "Horse in the bar" bit....


Ahahahahaha, thank you for the title of the post.


Jerks, why the need to be cruel to someone just to sell a mask? Not funny just stupid cyber bullying.


@bingbroome: She's been a celebrity for years and it's not the first time she's been made fun of. A Family Guy quote: "They allow Sarah Jessica Parker on T.V. and she looks like a foot!" Besides, between her and her husband she's got enough $$$ to buy or sell most of us.


@marvelljones: And since she's rich, she isn't a human, and we can treat her like *

*Wedit. Removed.

You're 12. Mentally, at least.


She also got plastic surgery. That automatically welcomes you to comments since you were clearly on the same side as everyone else in that you looked odd. It's not cyber bullying. Also, cyber bullying is a stupid word used for "I don't pay attention to my kid's lives, let them have unlimited access to social media outlets, and find that they are unable to emotionally handle these things. Who knew since I prided myself on being an excellent parent to gave my kids the ability to act like adults, and not get treated like kids." As a former kid who went through elementary school at a time when bully's were allowed to roam the hallways, people grew up fine. Just let kids be kids and the majority of them turn out fine. All of this overparenting is resulting in generations of little * kids who can't deal with real issues. Take your cyber bullying term and shove it *.

On a side note... this mask is my favorite item on Amazon. Way better than the banana slicer reviews.

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Whatever happened to, "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?"

Shut the * up and get a sense of humor. This politically correct * needs to stop.

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Just post the deal in the title. This isn't Reddit.


Why wear it when you can stash it in the bed of someone you don't like?


758 user uploaded photos on Amazon!


@justagigilo85: my kid got suspended from school for a week because the teacher told the class "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"... at which point he threw a dictionary at her head to prove her wrong.

@ staff: WTF did you edit the title of this item???? It's clearly a sarah jessica parker mask, read the reviews on amazon

@bingbroome: I hope you never experience what real bullying is. If you think this is bullying, you should never again visit the interwebs


They stopped saying words would never hurt them after somebody hit them in the head with Webster's Unabridged Dictionary.


Deal isn't dead. It's just $.21 more now.