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What kind of store is this? You can't even go in and look around until you "join?" I know it's a site that has been here before with no warnings about being a dodgy place, but I don't like the email up front deal.


@gnuman: It's a flash sale site, all of them requires registration. Just use a shopping email address, lots of Wooters do that.

Personally I have bought from them many many times and I have never had problems. One time a wine rack came with one drawer knob missing, they credited me for ALL the knobs, get me replacements and the service was very nice.


@gobears99: Depends on the color you look at, Amazon can be up to $50. So, yes! Also, shipping is fixed, you can get a full set and pay very little shipping.

These things last forever. I have a Lodge for over 15 years (the ones that need seasoning) and it works like the first day.


I love cast iron but have never gotten any of the enamel coated stuff.