dealsadditional 40% off men’s and women’s clearance…


1 item is 5.99 shipping
2 items 8.99 shipping
3 items 11.99
4 14.99
5 17.99
6 20.99
7 23,99

wacky flashy styles.

not my cup of tea, but if you like standing out in a crowd then have at it hoss


Not a bad deal. I got two pairs of $60 boots for $21 each including the shipping.


I got free shipping. You just have to choose it. They make it tough.


Wow, that is some SERIOUSLY loud and ugly stuff on the men's side.

And anything that doesn't look like someone threw up an entire bowl of Skittles onto it is only available in XXL.


Long sleeve t-shirt, retail $160, now $45? You gotta be frigging kidding me.


If you ever wondered where the thundering D-bag crowd gets their threads, look no further. The "Cash Only" t-shirt? Seriously? Not cool.


Good deals.. most of the stuff I wouldn't wear. But got a pair of PF Flyers for like 18 bucks. hee.. free shipping as well.


@ardvarkboy: The Retro PF Flyers sneakers are priced right. I jumped on that deal too and found "free shipping" pretty easy.

Most of the clothing is geared to the young urban hip-hop crowd and not my style.


Thanks for the heads up as to free shipping! I was able to call and downgrade to standard shipping (free), so two pairs of boots w/ retail of $120 for $32!