dealsseagate barracuda 3tb 3.5" internal hard driveā€¦


Lowest price I've seen for a 3 TB drive! I might pull the trigger on two for my media server! Note to XP users (I know there's more than just me): Windows XP will not recognize a single partition larger than 2 TB. You would have to format into more than one partition.


That price is tempting for 3TB. But I've been really badly bitten by seagate drives in the past and that's keeping me from pulling the trigger. If this were a samsung drive I'd be all over it.


I've had great luck with Seagate in the past, and this is pretty tempting. I should warn people that a lot of computers are really finnicky about recognizing anything over 2TB


I used this exact drive as my data and storage drive for my PC - and I paid about $50 more than this price. I'm tempted to grab another - this is as cheap as I have seen this drive.

It's fast and big - two things we all want in a hard drive.


I just received 3 of these yesterday (paid a few dollars more) and I'm in the process of migrating data to them now. One of the 3 drives arrived physically damaged (puncture in the control board) so that'll be going back, but this is a bare drive so it's no fault of the drive itself.


@iceph03nix: You'll want to make sure an external enclosure says 3tb before you buy it but if it does you can use it with any flavor of Windows as it has a separate controller. You need 64-bit Vista or Windows 7 and a UEFI BIOS. Linux or Apple need not worry.


"It's fast and big - two things we all want in a hard drive." - twss


@steelwells: If you don't need it now, wait; in a month it'll be $10 cheaper.