deals200 derby extra double edge razor blades: health…


Good blades, great price.
A little tuggy if more than a day's growth but I still pull a Derby out pretty regularly.


I have four vintage DE razors and one new EJ, and I use both Derbys and Feathers depending on the mood. Feathers are currently my favorite, but in my vintage adjustable I can dial up higher numbers (more aggressive), with the Derbys when I have more growth and don't want to clog the razor.

Dialing up too high with the Feathers can mean lots of blood loss! I recently bought 100 Derbys and was satisfied with them, I wish this deal was going on then, but with not having enough information about them yet, I probably would have waited anyway. I wasn't sure about the 100, but at $7.68 at the time I wasn't hurting for that price.

If I could find 200 Feathers for this price, I'd be elated to say the least!


Here we go again with the negative vote! If you have a better deal and you can add something to the discussion, then by all means do it, but clicking the down vote and running away like a school boy who just passed wind, adds nothing as to the reason for why you think it's a bad deal.

If you have a valid reason for leaving a negative then your comments could possibly let other shavers know there might be a better deal or the product itself is of questionable quality.

Stay like a man, (not meant to offend any ladies........just saying) and share with the class why you left your negative, or has the hair just not started coming in down there yet?

Me thinks this must be from an actual seller wants to cast doubt about a deal that could possibly take business from his site...........Hmmmmmm