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Sort of an iffy deal. You can get a package of 8 of the same from Sams Club for $22, no shipping (Assuming you go there and get it, obviously)


I bought 3 sets of these from TDD back in March. They look nothing like what is in the picture, & I wouldn't have paid 50 cents for them if I'd have known how bad they were. Don't waste your money.

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@billstew: Plus the ones at Sam's are reversible, so you can have colorful or grey. Much better value.


@billstew: what was wrong with them or u didnt just like how they looked?? im thinking of geeting them but they look like they might ripp easy


I just had a brilliant idea!!! can I put these down in the livingroom over the hardwood floor to keep from scuffing it when doing Wii with the kids (or without the kids, whatever)? We've been doing it in socks and that can be a bit slippery.


These are definitely not worth what you pay for them. They rip very easily and aren't of decent quality.


are they water absorbent? want to lay it in the basement instead of throwing old clothes all over the place as flood prevention.


I'm with you @z07 . The picture they use for these is from a completely different brand (which can be found at Walmart for about $18 a pack and ARE good). These that I got were worthless and they had a noxious chemical smell that simply wouldn't go away even after airing them out outside for a few weeks. I eventually had to throw them out. Utter and complete waste of money.


I bought this product and a product from Walmart. The Walmart product for $18.97 was much better. Go to Shipping is 97 cents.


i bought these for our workout area in the garage, but they're so thin that they slip and slide on the floor and don't provide much support at all. My husband is NOT impressed and doesn't like them. they're sitting in the corner now. i'll go to another store to get some that are thicker and better quality.


I got 2 sets of these last time I saw them up (March, maybe?), and I agree with the others here. They're way too thin, and they slide easily around the floor. They weigh practically nothing, and are already starting to wear out in the heavier used areas of my kitchen. I'm sure you can do better elsewhere.


@pohl624: lol - oops - didn't realize that was the same link


4 Pack at Harbor Freight goes for 7.99 on sale at my local store. And they're on sale A LOT.


@avogler: unless you secure them, any mat like this will slide if you are jumping around on it and such. My karate school has the 1" thick ones and if you just have those on the floor they will slide around unless secured when just doing basic stuff.

I bought the Gold's Gym ones from Walmart that are around 1/2" thick and they worked well in my basement doing Insanity. Better than jumping and such on the concrete floor. Just be sure to secure them in some fashion or they may slide out when you are moving around.


well...since it was downvoted, I guess it wasn't such a great idea after all! I'll go by WalMart and see what they have (quality and thickness) in the store.


I have to echo the other detractors... I was extremely disappointed in the quality of the mats when they showed up a few months ago. Now mine are acting as dog beds. (which they're actually not bad at... the dogs don't mind the smell and are ripping them up anyway)


I was about to purchase a couple sets to put under my drums until I read my woot family's reviews. Thanks for saving me, guys!


I've defended TDD in the past, but honestly every order I've had through them has presented at least one annoyance or issue. SLOW shipping is guaranteed w/ TDD, customer service is pretty nonexistent, and it's just not a pleasant experience tbh.


Just ordered 2 sets. Going to see how well they work as prop-making material. Using them as advertised (from what I gather) isn't a great usage as they apparently rip easily. I'll report back with an opinion later. Wish me luck.


much like indavis I was seconds away from submitting an order for 3 sets when I read all the reviews...Looks like I'm going to Walmart intead. Thanks Woot Family for helping me avoid bad purchase!


harbor freight has a better deal. :)