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Question for someone who has one of these: If you put 4Gbs of music on it (a random variety) how quickly does it load "All Tracks"? I have an MP3 on my cell phone, but it takes a good 10 minutes to load my 4G card full of music. Then when I accidentally shut it off, I have to wait again. Ready to ditch it. (I suppose it'd be faster if I made playlists, but I'm not quite willing to sort 1000 songs on this very slow little gadget.) Thanks very much for any comments along this line.


(Replies no longer needed. Bought one. Thanks anyway.)


On other Sansas I've used the unit would "rebuild the database" after each time connected to a computer, thinking there were possible changes. Don't recall how long it would take (think a few minutes w/4GB+ of tracks on MicroSD) and don't know if it would be exactly the same on the Clip+, but it could be similar. Annoying if all you did was plug it in to charge it and didn't make any changes.

That said, the alternate firmware Rockbox will update the track data in the background, at least on my Fuze v2 and Clip Zip. So you can at least get playing a bit quicker.

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If you just plug it in to charge and never connect to the file system, it doesn't rescan the database when you disconnect the USB. At least, that's my experience with my 4GB Clip+ with a 16GB SD card installed. When it does rescan (e.g., you've added/delete files), it takes about 15-20 minutes with my 16GB card.