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For $70.00, unless you're dying to own it, at 7.99/month for Netflix, which has Star Trek TOS, ST-TNG, ST-Voyager, ST-DS9 and ST-Enterprise... Seems to be a bit better deal to go with Netflix or the like. [Dang - I feel like I just repeated myself from the prior message about ST-TNG]


This is a GREAT deal. These HD remasters (with both new and original special effects) look STUNNING, and the blu ray image quality is much higher than you'll ever get from netflix (netlix's "HD" stream has a much lower bitrate which means they need much higher compression ratio = lesser image quality). And also many of the extras are fantastic.

The downside of the blu rays are the pain-in-the-ass slow menu system (it takes minutes to start an episode) and they put them in original air-date order (vs production order) which I can't understand why anyone would prefer. I solved both of those shortcomings by ripping all 79 episodes to my media center's hard drive - instant access and all in the right order.

I probably spent $200-$300 for this set when it came out and don't regret a penny of it. At $70 it's a no-brainer for any serious TOS fan.


Does it make the Gorn fight look more realistic?