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Awesome, I've been looking for one of these actually. Friends of mine use one of these to make cuban espresso and I've been craving it for a while.


Yes they make very good coffee.
They work better on a gas stove. They take longer on the electric range 'cause they sit on so little of it.
A "cup" is 1.5 to 2 ounce cups. For us Americanos, this little pot is one very good morning cup of coffee.
It works out good for me, tho. On scoop of coffee, filtered water, turn on the heat and then make lunch. By then it's almost done. My pagan neighbor makes tea with hers.


This is actually what is called a moka pot. It is not an espresso maker.

Espresso extraction requires (by standard) high pressure on the order of 9 bars (9x atmospheric pressure) and either finely ground tightly packed coffee or a pressurized portafilter (with a slightly less fine grind) to slow the water flow and extract over a time period of 20 to 30 seconds. You're gonna need either manual lever piston machine or a pump driven machine to achieve that.

Moka pots generate no more than 1.5 bars of pressure, generally use a less fine grind than espresso, brew at a higher temperature than an espresso machine get the point.

Moka pots can produce a very fine brew, generally higher in caffeine content and bitterness than a true espresso maker with both qualities being a result of the higher (above standard boiling) temperature that is reached as pressure builds in the pot.

Great way to make a cuppa, but it isn't espresso.


On (where it is cheaper BTW) this thing does not even have a 3 star rating out of 5 stars. Forget that! I'm out!


Don't they sell these for like $10 in the grocery store?
I use one for camping and it works great with some pre-ground Pilon.

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The aluminum moka pots can't be used on induction stoves and tend to have issues with discoloration and a metallic taste in the coffee. If you can find a stainless steel one I would suggest going for that instead.