dealsokuma diemos spin cast combo for $29.99 + shipping


$29? I've got lures that cost more than that. Not a word about the rod's action - is this a medium, medium-heavy, what? What's the tackle weight range?

Seems more like a cheap plastic toy for the kids, that you won't mind if they drop it in the lake.


@prime suspect: I know next to nothing about fishin' (In fact, I giggled at this for no particular reason: "Multi-disc Japanese oiled felt drag washers"), but is this info relevant to your comment at all?
Rod Length: 6'0'
Recommended Line Test: 6-12 Lbs
Lbs/Yds: 4/290, 6/180, 8/140
Gear Ratio 5.0:1
Bearings: 4

It was under the Specs tab.


You can get a better low end rod and reel combo at Walmart, Kmart or big 5. I would stay away from this, it's crap.


@stark: Thanks for posting the specs...but they are incomplete and do not answer prime suspect's very reasonable questions. Check out Cabelas or somewhere like that and they will tell you what the action is and what casting weights are appropriate for a rod. I would tend to agree with his guessesment of this combo.


Okuma does make some good reels, though I can't speak for their whole line of them. Ive had a larger spinning reel of there's for ~7 years and it still performs well. Landed seval trophy size pike with it Comparable to Daiwa or Shimano in the mid-grade price range.
Though I agree, if you can get to Cabelas/Gander Mtn/BassPro you'll find comparable price & better assurance of quality.


@wootmeharder: You, evidently, have never owned an Okuma reel, I have 4 that give me great service and have done so for over 7 years.

This is not really a "Deal". This combo can be had at a number of stores on a regular basis.


For anyone thinking about this as a starter rig or who wants to dip their toe into fishing...

Find a local fishing club or group. If you don't know how to find one talk to a local outdoor supply place like Cabela's or similar.

Hook up with that group and talk to locals who are already fishing. Tell them what you would like to do and find out what they suggest. You'll get invaluable tips, get directed to the best deal that fits what you want and likely make some friends in the process. Save time, money and frustration.


Eh, something to keep in the shed down at the pond. In for one.


I don't know, looking at the pictures and all. I think a good Shakespear or Shimano in the close price range may serve you better. The handle on the crank is plastic looking... I do however have no knowledge of the brand.... YMMV.


"Split butt rod handle" -- that gave my inner middle schooler the giggles.

Ok, I've never owned this specific item but Okuma is an excellent brand and this is a great deal.

PS: This is totally unrelated to the deal, but did anyone else notice that Okuma mis-spells fishing (as "fisheing") on their own homepage? Oops!


@prime suspect: 1/4 - 3/4oz

Also, it does not have the action on the rod but it feels like a medium to me.


@beaverspork: There is no plastic anywhere on the Reel. I have multiple Shakespear combos and this feels better put together and more solid.


@brutherford: You know what, on your recommendation and the fact that I need a new rod anyhow, I am going to pull the trigger on this and see how it goes. At worst I have another for the kids to use.


Sounds fishy: "carbon composite rod bland construction"... I want better than "bland". Or, I want them to use the word "blank" ;^)


Funny,I was in Kmart the other day and they had 5-6 rod and reel combos with a tag that said "REDUCED". One of them was an Okuma FinChaser which was priced at $29.99,when I scanned it, the reduced price was $10.49 so I bought it. Seems to be well built,nothing plastic on the outside of the reel and the rod is fine as well.They also had a surf casting spinning combo, Okuma FinChaser which was originally $34 and when it was scanned it said $9.25 !! So I got two combos for less than $20,only drawback is the rods and reels are YELLOW,I mean very very yellow ! I assume the Woot offering is a step up from what I bought but the ones I got are pretty decent.


@jerrybign: I've owned two for five years - the rod went bad on one but it was a differnt brand.


I bit and got a couple to put in the RV so that we can fish when we have nothing better to do on vacation at whatever park we go to. I don't expect to use them very often, but they'll be nice to have. My dad said that he didn't know anything about the brand but that they didn't look bad. Now I need a cheap tackle set, and we'll be good to go.


Okuma is junk. Look for a shimano combo instead. Way better stuff.