deals8 madagascar vanilla beans free with every order


Yum! Got these last time around, split one and popped it into a jar of sugar to make vanilla sugar. Just might have to go spice shoppin' again. Homemade vanilla sugar in decorated mason jars are on the list of holiday gifts to make for friends who bake. Also tasty to use in coffee.
Wonder how it'd taste if I got some granulated honey and mixed the vanilla sugar with it?
Hum...I feel experimentation might be required for taste testing new and strange vanilla things.


Damn -- look up their Gold Bag Dry Roasted Macadamia Nuts -- you can save 100% on any size!


This company is awesome. The spices are so fresh and it's ALWAYS a great deal. You get a free 1 ounce spice every time you order as well as whatever the monthly promo is-vanilla beans in this case. I can't buy spices in the store now.


Wow, awesome deal! Bought tons of spices for spiced beer brewing season!


Crazy stuff, if you buy a vanilla bean (ONE) in the grocery store it costs at least $10. Quite a steal.


Bought a couple of Auto Measure Elite Carousel Spice Racks from myspicesage when they offered a great discount on deals.woot. One of the racks was broken on arrival, so I returned them. To their credit, they took the return and issued a refund without much hassle.

I posted a review about the product, noting that it arrived broken (which caused me to question its quality/durability) and that the rack and bottles are plastic (although the bottles appeared to be glass in the picture). My review was fair and noted the "pros" as well. Apparently, the site must approve reviews... and mine was never posted.

I would be cautious about the site... I will never buy from a vendor that censors neutral and/or negative reviews of its products.


Do they just stick it in with your order? It didn't show up on my invoice.
I hope the ground ginger is great. I make my own ginger snaps and the last stuff I bought was blah.


@klutzyruth: The "special promotion" item (in this case, the vanilla beans) should automatically have been added to your shopping cart when you added your first item. Does it show up on your orders page?


@angstangel: Uh, nope. If it doesn't come with my order I'll just post a where's my stuff question in the community forum. <--- kidding.

I'll email the company if it doesn't show up. Thanks.


Aside from the awesome deal, this is also a great website! Ill be placing many, many orders here.


I've purchased a bunch of spices from these people. Great service and always fresh, plus the bonus extras.
I had a problem with Paypal this time not showing the 25% off, sent an email explaining what happened and in a matter of minutes I had a reply from a human telling me they were sorry and will fix it. Great service.


I got my stuff today. Smells great. But guess what?
No vanilla beans. Even after I had emailed them & was told that they would be included.

Where's Muh FREE Stuff??!!

I have sent another email to them. Fingers crossed. I was really jonesing to make some vanilla sugar.