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"In store pickup" is NOT the same thing as "Free shipping"...If there are extra requirements to get "free" shipping, such as extra purchases to get to a minimum, or pickup at a store, it does not constitute free shipping and should not be stated so in the title of the deal. I buy a lot from these deals and rely on accuracy in the descriptions. It is time to step up your game.


@tradergeorge: Good point George, except that "Free shipping" isn't mentioned in the title or description. There is a kind mention of the potential to avoid a fee, however. It is time to step up your reading.


Hmmmm....I am guessing they changed the title since you both posted because it DOES say "plus shipping"...


The title WAS changed since it was first published. I think they must work from a template and then do that once it is mentioned...The original title said "+ free shipping" and the store ad said ""free in-store pickup"...I make it MY practice to read these ads VERY carefully...


Relax, it was fixed.
No blood, no foul.


@ducss750: Fixed with no comment is dirty tricks. There should be acknowledgement, lest those who called it out look like the ones in error. We are a community here. It is up to us to spot errors in the ads and to support each other when we do. So, "no blood, no foul" does not exactly apply....What it actually was, was that a "foul" was called and the perp quickly changed the error to erase the responsibility. I will continue to call out "errors" when I see them, as we all should, so no one gets misled.



"It is up to us to spot errors in the ads and to support each other when we do." - tradergeorge

"It is time to step up your game." - tradergeorge

Your "support" bedside manner could use could use a little work. A simple, "Hey, OP, will you update the title to remove free shipping?" will accomplish the same thing without showing your douche-iness.