dealsbroom cake tester | leap year sale for $4.93


While I can't claim this is superior to using a toothpick, it's definitely more interesting.

Shipping starts at $7.95 so a better deal if you are also picking up another small item or two.


Box of toothpicks: less than a buck.


Too cutesy and unitasker to hold its own in my kitchen. I'll stick with a box of toothpicks. Cheaper, smaller, more versatile. Plus it won't start looking sad and threadbare after a while, just emptier.


Problem w a toothpick cause it may be too short and not big enough to grab enough of the wet batter. They're about 2.75" long so with your fingertips holding it, you've got about 2" to stick into the cake which may not be enough.

At the same time, I've been baking all these years without these Amish thingies. In a pinch, I've used bamboo skewers.


Let me get this right.... Not only is it suggesting that this "broom" hangs in the kitchen where it will easily get contaminated but also suggesting "sweeping" off equally exposed cabinets with it and then sticking in my baked goods that I am planning on eating? Should I use a plate or just put a slice on the floor and eat it off of there?


Uhm ... you know what is cheaper than toothpicks? A single spaghetti noodle. Plenty long too.


@pscof42: I'd never heard that one before. Thanks! Now I don't have to be bothered with trying to learn something for the rest of the day, as I'm already covered!