dealsmrs. fields® cookie-scented candles for $8.99…


Have to buy $50 worth of stuff to get this item at all


it's OK even I will be fatter


@laidbackoh: Thank you for bringing this to my intention. On occasion they have items that do require a min. purchase to get the sale price. However, they are always clearly marked as such. I did try to check out w/ only 1 of these to see for myself, and it would not let me, for the reasons you state. I'm sorry you had a problem. I think this is an error on their site. I have contacted the company and expect to hear from them first thing in the morning and will post their response.


Something smells about this deal...and it's not the candles! This isn't "bait and switch," it's bait and bait, and bait and bait...until you reach $50. I don't want 7 candles when I don't know if I will even like them. As they say on Shark Tank..."Sorry...I'm out!"


@cyndysilver , @laidbackoh :
The deal is good. No minimum is required. This is the response I received from the company :

"I apologize for the trouble you are having with ordering this item. I
have submitted a request to our web team to have this item correctly
updated on the website. In the meantime we would be happy to place an
order for this item for you. Please advise if you would like for us to
order this item for you."

I just checked the site and it is still not fixed.;/ If you contact them (they have a chat function or you can call or emai} they will take care of it for you. Hopefully the site will be fixed so it can be ordered the easy way soon.
Either way, the deal is good -- no minimum needed.



"Your merchandise total must be $50 or more to take advantage of this great sale price!"


This item REQUIRES a minimum purchase of $50 total to receive free shipping. I just wasted my time attempting to purchase and did the on-line chat. This is the response I received...
I apologize the associate that dealt with the customer did not provide correct information. As it states on our website there is a minimum. You must have a $50.00 order to receive the sales price of $8.99 on this item.


It did NOT say that on the website before. And I quoted what I was emailed from the company. I guess instead of fixing it to be checked out, they added the wording.
Sorry they don't have their act together. They ordered it for me. I guess I got lucky.
I will RIP the deal.