dealsbabycakes cupcake maker for $15.99


I have one of these and love it! It takes the same amount of time to make a large batch of mini muffins (in this device) with the same amount of batter as is used for a tray of large muffins in the oven. Of course, you must change these out (take out baked ones and refill muffin maker a few times) in the same space of time (20 minutes?) it would take to bake one large tray in a conventional oven. The advantage of this is the muffin maker does not heat up your whole kitchen. The only downside is trying to get the muffins out when they are done. I use a wooden toothpick to lift them out. Unit gets too hot for use by children, IMHO, unless they are maybe teens. One trayful bakes in 4 to 6 minutes!

One small box of Jiffy Mix exactly makes one set of muffins in this. Really quick for breakfast.

Oh yeah - edited to add:
I paid $24.99 for mine on sale at Christmastime. This price anjd the shipping are a great deal. I think this device did not catch on like expected.


How come the tag says 15.99 and the price on the site is 19.99?


@kewee: because you have to use the coupon code?

I have one, too, and it is GREAT! love it. Too quick and easy. I spray mine with a little bit of nonstick spray and my muffins pop right wooden toothpick needed.


@mrsque - mine don't stick, but how do you get them out (lift each one out) without burning your fingers or turning the whole cupcake maker over?