deals$50 off purchase of 2 select xbox 360 or ps3…


Anyone try a price match at Walmart or Best Buy on this? I have 2 TRUs near me. One has one of the games I want, but not the other, the other TRU has the other game I want, but not the first. I can buy the game from one at full price, drive across town to the other and return it, then rebuy it with the second game for the deal.

Or maybe just drive to BB and price match...


hmm.. they dont have either of the games that i wanted in any location within 50 miles.. no ship to house or pickup in store option??


@the18thtee84: I feel your pain. My first year to start shopping early and almost everything I have has dropped in price AT LEAST 25% since mid-October...never again.


Worked out perfectly for me. I had bought far cry 3 & black ops a few weeks ago when they had them buy 1 get 1 half off, so it was a little over 80 for the two of them, which I thought was a great deal. Saw this this morning & ran to toys r us, wrapped presents in hand, to return & rebut & also pick up halo & mw3 I had two 5 dollar reward certificates so it ended up being a little under 30 dollars a game. For 4 games that have came out in the last few months, all of which my dad wanted for Christmas, this was perfect. Online selection sucked. And the website doesn't update. Your better off calling and asking if they have the games in stock. They WILL hold them for you!!


What a bummer. I just bought black ops last week for $45. I would have paid the $25-30 extra to get either halo 4 or Far cry 3


+1 for the (potential) deal.
-1 for Toys R Us's crappy inventory.

Both Black Ops II and Far Cry III - i.e., the only 2 games I wanted off that list - are out of stock in a 50 mile radius (maybe further). Basically a bait-and-switch.

I'll stick to Amazon.


Far Cry 3 isn't available at any stores around me. Oh well.


@the18thtee84: you might want to look into getting that price matched or even simply returning it so long as its unopened


So glad I bought my gifts early! Paid $60 for Halo 4, 3 weeks ago! /s