dealsicraig 2.1 channel tower speaker at for…


I purchased this iCraig Tower yesterday at CVS. It was on sale for $69.99 and CVS was offering a 20% off all purchases coupon when you scanned your CVS card at the machine in the store. I bought this tower last year for $99 at Kohls for my son as a gift. He loves it and took it to college with him. I bought this one for us to have at home. It's great to use outside on the patio and stands nice and thin in the corner when used indoors. This year's model takes the ipad - great idea. It charges your devices while playing music too. After the coupon I only paid $55.20 for it - great deal!!


I brought a sound square tower on a chrome stand base Bluetooth AM FM radio with CD player and clock, back in 2013 at 69.99 with a remote.
My granddaughter went away to collage and or dorm mates want one
Is there anyway you can tell me where or how I can get another I believe it was a Craig not sure. Has great sound and range.
please help
Miss Pollard