dealsaerobed inclining mattress - choose size for $64…


Hmm... the special Open Box conditions note "Some items, like manuals, cables or batteries may be missing from the box. That is the reason for the reduced sale price and the reduced warranty." And this item notes that it includes a "built-in pump".

Ok, never mind, I just answered my own question. I was wondering if the pump might be missing... but it would be hard to lose a built-in pump. (facepalm)

I wonder if this would work for camping?


Thee thing are friggin' awesome - heavy vinyl, the 11 year olds love them and haven't poked a hole in them yet (a first)


@robertb: We take ours camping ALL the time - the awesomeness of it cannot be overstated. Our friends look with green eyes into our tent as we are inflating it!


@mishvmd: So based on your comment, I showed it to my wife, and she was like OH YEAH. But then we scrolled down to the button and found that they'd sold out. Bummer! Gotta be quick on the trigger 'round these parts.