dealscallaway golf humidor set for $39.99 + $5.00…


Is Callaway trying to emphasize that golfing is a leisure activity, not sport?


In the market for a humidor so would love to hear more about it from people with experiences with this or any other humidors. Thanks.


Anything can be a leisure activity. Callaway is just saying that a leisure activity as ballin' as golf should be celebrated big boy style.


This looks really classy. I'm with cagrl, any notes on this one?


Will this fit into a side compartment in most golf bags or is it just called a "golf humidor" because it has the Callaway name on it?


Callaway seems to be have a phallic obsession with golf balls and stogies...just sayin...


Can I store my rubber dog turds in it?


They should run an ad campaign for this featuring Cigar Guy


almost bought it and noticed it didnt come with the cigars in the picture. There are much better deals out there IMO that include humidors, cutters, and some smokes.


@d33flat: Agreed. This is an ok deal but not great. The dirty little secret is pretty much all humidors sold by reputable online dealers are made by the same producers and come in a standard set of shapes and sizes. Unless you go super cheap or really expensive you're really just paying for the appearance (branding, glass top, exterior colors, etc.) Plus there's not much info about the cutter.

Maybe good for a beginner who is into Callaway but otherwise save your money for a known decent cutter and a humidor with graphics you prefer. Buy this FOR the Callaway branding, not in SPITE if it.


As an avid cigar smoker, I'll tell ya you can probably get a better deal on a humidor elsewhere. This one'll probably hold 30ish cigars based on its dimentions. Now, if you're really into golf or Callaway specifically, the price isn't horrible, just not the best deal out there for a humidor. As for quality...who knows...for the most part a humidor is a humidor when it comes to how well it serves its intended purpose. The price goes up as the features go up or as various logos (ie Callaway) are put on it. Happy smoking :)


Would not buy this because of the price. You can get a humidor WAY bigger than this one for a much better price.

Consider the size of the humidor this deal is showing you, then compare to this:

So $45 for a humidor and a cigar cutter(you can get a basic cigar cutter for around $5 or less, more is usually because it's completely metal or a brand name), and this is a humidor that looks like it holds around 25 cigars.


$78 plus shipping(probably around $83 total without tax) where you don't get a cigar cutter but the humidor has roughly 4x the capacity.

Seems like this is a pretty bad deal to me.

Edit: And just a point of personal opinion, I find that I completely hate guillotine & double guillotine cutters. I keep meaning to get a punch cutter but I've found that based on my lazyness(no punch cutter) poking a hole in a cigar with the spike on a pipe tool works very well.


There are definitely better deals to be had, unless you really like Calloway I guess. I would recommend getting a sampler pack that comes with about $80 worth of cigars and a similar size humidor for cheaper, they show up on Woot from time to time, or you can find them at some very reputable online cigar shops such as cigars international.


Ok golfers and cigar smokers...some of these comments are in jest only.


Bummed, never seen a cigar deal on Sellout.woot and was excited. If they through in some stogies I would bite but sorry, no cigar.


@cagrl: Don't know about this one specifically, but you can get better prices on humidors. This one looks nice, but I'm not into golfing, so I'd actually knock points off for that. Also, you'll want to invest in humidification beads and a digital hygrometer as both the humidification pucks and analog hygrometers are fickle and less than precise. I wouldn't consider the puck and hygrometer as adding to the deal. We also have no idea who makes the cutter.

Unless you really like the look of this box and the branded cutter, I would go for something different. A good rule of thumb is to buy a larger humidor than you think you need because a) you'll buy more cigars than you anticipated b) it's good to give have some breathing room in your humidor so that the humidity can reach all the nooks and crannies. (I like to Lincoln-Log mine.) The max capacity for this box is probably around 50 cigars and you could probably comfortably store around 30.


I researched & bought mine 5-6yrs ago, so all the specifics are hazy.

I got the cherry colored Milano here:
At the time I paid ~$35 with a coupon I had.
The humidifier is a bit dinky. So I put a small container of humidity beads, which keeps the humidity solid between 68-73 on the included hygrometer. Actually I bought the polymer kitty litter that works as humidity beads, but i don't remember brand- I just remember it was hard to find the unscented, so I dunno if it's still around.
I don't trust the included hygrometer to be 100% accurate, I never calibrated it. I just trust the beads & the humidor to do it's thing. Spanish cedar lined, tight seal.
I keep cigars in the bottom, rolling/pipe tobacco's on the shelf. I smoke less now, but everything is always properly humidified, but not wet. Never any mold. Still looks great, no peeling of veneer.
Just make sure you season your humidor right, or you can warp it. Patience!


When you're hunting around for a better humidor bundle deal (and the hunting shouldn't be hard, sorry Woot!), just remember to steer clear of Thompson Cigar Company.

Also, on a very strange note, you may want to check out your local Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They sometimes stock humidors about this size dirt cheap, and not badly built. I have absolutely no idea why.

Finally, regarding humidification, you'll probably want to pick up a crystal-gel-jar style system. Expect it to run you up to $10, but the advantage is that it's almost maintenance free - the chemistry of the gel regulates the moisture release to keep it right around the desired 70% humidity.

(Now, could someone please tell me why my posts (non-duplicate at the time) regarding the Cigars International Wootoff were getting downvoted if there's so much interest in cigars in the Woot! community now?)


One more note for new folks ... bear in mind there are a variety of cutter types to consider. How you cut your cigar tends to be something people find they have strong preferences about.

There are guillotine-style cutters, either single-sided or double, such as what's offered at Woot! today. A cousin of these are scissor-type cutters. They have increased flexibility to deal with different diameters (ring gauges, as they're called) of cigars, but require more care and fussing.

Then there are punch or plunger types, which, essentially, take a core sample of the end of the cigar. Given that these just pop a plug of the end cap out, they really don't care regarding the ring gauge either.

Finally (not due to this being the last time, but due to my being forgetful), there are "V" cutters. These are something of a hybrid between the two preceding options. The tip of the cigar is pressed against a recess in a mechanism like a guillotine cutter, except the cut is a channel instead.


@psaux: there are only a few enthusiasts on the site, just like there are a few anti-smoking militants on the site that downvote every cigar deal, and anyone who discusses cigars, reagardless of whether its a deal or not, or a helpful post or not.

Some people have Alcohol, some people have Cigarettes, some people shoot heroin into their left nut for fun. We have Cigars and yet somehow that makes us, as informed adults well aware of the dangers of smoking and using tobacco products, somehow worse than thugs, murderers, etc.


Just as a point of interest, Callaway is one of the companies supporting SOPA/PIPA.


I know people are bad-mouthing this, but it appears to be a nice set. If you have someone in your life who enjoys golfing AND cigar smoking this probably wouldn't be a bad buy at all. I looked @ the pics & read thru the description & for what you get it's a decent buy. The hygrometer & humi disc look pretty good, granted down the line you may want to upgrade to a digital hygrometer IF you'd like to you but if you season this humidor properly you really shouldn't have a problem & unless you're really into cigars you're going to keep the hygrometer it comes with. The double cutter looks nice & will do the job, yes you can drop a lot of $$ on expensive cutters but sometimes simple is just as good. The $3 cutters sometimes out perform at times anyway. Trust me, no guy (or girl) who's into cigars is going to be upset if he/she is handed a new humidor as a present!


@psaux: I totally agree with staying away from Thompson, they've quickly fell off from where they used to be years ago. As for humidification I'm not a fan of the jars & I know some friends never have luck with them either. I prefer either solution (from C.I. or at times I will use Thompson for that just won't buy cigars from them) or the old reliable distilled water, I still use that in my traveling humidors & never have a problem with it, safe, simple, can't go wrong. Just my 2 cents.


his took place in Charlotte , North Carolina .

A lawyer purchased a box of very rare and expensive cigars, then
insured them against, among other things, fire.

Within a month, having smoked his entire stockpile of these great
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In his claim, the lawyer stated the cigars were lost 'in a series of
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The lawyer sued and WON! (Stay with me.)

Delivering the ruling, the judge agreed with the insurance company that
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Rather than endure lengthy and costly appeal process, the insurance
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After the lawyer cashed the check, the insurance company had him
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With his own insurance claim and testimony from the previous case being
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So can anyone recommend a good humidor with cigars pairing available for a reasonable price right now? I don't need a 80 cigar humidor, 20-30 is more than plenty, and I don't want to pay a whole lot more than what this costs since you all seem surprised for the price it doesn't come with cigars. Help?


Thanks guys, you just convinced me to not make an impulse buy and go look at jr cigars (or similar) for a bigger cigar box and without a logo I don't care about.


Not a good deal. Save your money and buy something of quality or just use a sealable plastic container with a gasket. Your local tobacco B&M will be happy to assist you in picking out a quality humidor. The problem with ones like this is that they leak, and the analog hygrometer isn't worth a dime. It's best to buy a digital hygrometer and calibrate it once every six months using the Boveda method. As for lighters and cutters, stick with Xikar. They have a lifetime, unconditional guarantee.
If you do spend your money on this box, make sure you go online and learn how to properly season it and maintain it. The "wipe down" method is bad, bad, bad because it causes the cedar to warp. What's sad is that the manufacturers often tell you to do this in the setup instructions. They are sadly mistaken. The best way is to use distilled water in a shallow bowl, and allow the wood to absorb at it's own pace (usually 7-10 days depending on size). Cheers!



I've never owned a humidor, anyone know how easy it would be to keep RH between 50-60 in lieu of having to open the box all the time?


I bought my humidor from cigars international (link to the page below) for 30 bucks and i've fit 55 cigars in it. it holds humidity really well and i have yet to replenish the crystal tube in there. its a simple humidor for 10 dollars less that i have had zero issues with. i quick looked on the cutters page too for cigars international, and they have a crap load of that guillotine type cutter for varying prices. you can definitely mix and match the humidor i have, or some of their other humidors and cutters to get below the price for this. at that point, it may just be personal preference.


This isn't a great price but part of the function of the humidor is to look awesome sitting on your desk or bar so you are paying extra for the branding. It does look to have a better finish than most.


Not a good deal. Better humidors available for the price and you could probably get free shipping with them to boot.


@cagrl: Find a cigar retailer that sells bundles, for the same price you can get a nice selection of cigars and a humidor!


Double Bladed Guillotines look like cigar handcuffs.


Too small, even for an overflow humidor.


Down voted into negative numbers? That's a first for me. I guess not many people know of the Woot reference.
The first Youtube video is titled "The Magic of the Turd" and explains everything.
Direct link to the youtube video:


@mdixon2212: To keep your weed fresh use a zip lock bag with one of these humidfier tubes.

I use them for cigars not weed, but I know it would work perfectly.

When I have overflow I put the cigar boxes in a ziplock bag with one of these tubes. Works great


For what it is worth if any of you guys live in the Austin area, I have humidor that I bought 12 years ago that holds 50 to 75 sticks and has a digital temp and hygrometer. I gave up smoking 9 years ago and my stock has been laying dormant ever since. I recently start re-wetting the sponge inside but I can not tell you if the cigars can be salvaged (about 10 or so) but I will sell the box and the contents with in for $40. Any interested parties can send my message w/ email and I will snap a few picks this evening. scottrmartinez (at) aol (dot) com


It kinda looks like a relabeled Savoy or the ones Eseban Carrera gives away. It has an internal hindge and is made with spanish cedar so it should do an effective job but I would ditch the cheap humidifier and hygrometer for a diamond crown or something else comparable. $45 is a very reasonable price for this humidor. Maybe not a steal but definitely less than what you can find elsewhere online for soemthing about the same quality. It should hold a box to a box and a half of cigars so 20 to 30 smokes depending on the size. I did a quick google shopping check and those prices are laughable. The rule of thumb is a good humidor will run $70 to $100 for something this size. As long as it seals well and is made of spanish cedar everything else is decoration.


There's a cigar deal currently under attack over in the deals section for no apparent reason. (Other than just being cigar-related, I assume.) You may want to go buy it and/or help vote it up.


Dang, for a moment there I thought we were seeing the beginning of

Oh well, maybe someday


This humidor is small; probably holds twenty cigars if you don't add additional humidification elements (and if the seal is bad, or you live in a dry area, you'll need to; the sponge humidifier included isn't super effective.) Know that the analogue hydrometer included also isn't super accurate. The cutter included is also a pretty standard cutter, and probably isn't all that great. Adding golf balls just seems sort of gimmicky. There are far better deals available; I know I bought one of my current 100-count humidors for like ten or twenty dollars more, and it's been reliable for three years. Also, any guesses on what the cigars pictured are? I know they aren't included, but to me they look a tiny bit like La Aurora 1495 series.


I recently took up cigar smoking and looked around for a long time to buy a humidor. I read the analog hygrometers are not very reliable and the money invested into a digital one is worth it. Like you I wanted 20-30 stick capacity. I linked the one I bought at the bottom of my post. Looks very nice, and holding about 20 cigars right now in addition to a Drymyst tube humidifier. I like it a lot, looks elegant, and small enough to pack in the car or carry-on luggage.


Unless you are in love with Callaway, this is not a deal. Better humidors are available all over from purveyors of fine cigars...

vote-for1vote-against sells humidors from $50 to less than $10, and they all come with a Credo-style humidifier. These are decent quality, spanish cedar construction, with a magneticly attached humidifier. The seal is tight enough that when I drop the lid, the air "cushion" at closure keeps it from slamming shut...I bought three different humidors at $7, $10 and $15. All good quality, not just a cigar box. Take a look and decide for yourself...this site is populated with some serious smokers!


Shipping Update

Callaway Golf Humidor has completely shipped via FEDEX SMART POST. All tracking has already been emailed out. You can also find your tracking number by following this link and use your ORDER NUMBER as the reference number.