dealsacer aspire s3-391-6899 nx.m1faa.003 ultrabook…


I'm a little bit upset at this post because I just bought this over the summer for around $700+.

Besides that, I have been very happy with this model. The keys, touchpad, and overall performance of the machine are ideal for my purposes (browsing the internet, work email, music, skype). What I liked about this notebook was how thin it was. To me, it rivals the appeal of a macbook air without having to go mac. I basically never turn this off/shut it down. The 20 gig solid state drive does wonders as far as "waking" from sleep mode. When I open the laptop, I'm up in running in less than 5 seconds. The one thing I'd like to point out though is that you do NOT have access to the solid state drive so you can't save anything on it. It's sole function is to boost performance.