dealssamsung 27" led monitor w/ 1080p for $199.99


NOOOOO!!!! I just purchased the 23" HP MOOFI deal :(


Wow I really want this...the question is do I really need this?


I wouldve bought this if it was not for the supported resolution fail


dang, great deal but I already have a 27" planar that was about $225 shipped.


I have 2 of these side by side and they are magnificent! I'd highly recommend them. They do NOT have vesa mounting provisions, so be aware in case you are thinking of mounting them. But they do have provisions for hiding the cables so the back of the monitors, which in my case face out, are nice and clean looking. The motion sensors work great and these are very easy on my eyes as I work in front of them all day.


@fakepie: looks like he expects more than 1920 x 1080

lxl lxl

Bought this. 2 days in, it won't stop flickering on and off...


@fakepie: Samsung can be notorious for bad capacitors. Not sure what your options are, but if no one helps you, pop the back open and look for this:.

The one on the left is ballooned out and the one on the right is also blown. The center one is good. They're not that hard to change if you know how to solder.

Here's a video of a similar monitor with your issue:

Sorry you got bad luck. Hopefully they will take care of the issue!!!