dealsstar wars: the clone wars - the complete season…


It's showing as $23.99 for me at the moment. As someone who loved IV, V and VI is this series worth starting to watch?


@sharpeone: Y'know, it's actually surprisingly well done. I'm not sure as a fan of the original series it's really directly up your alley (it's more for fans of the SW universe), but it's pretty good.

That being said, I think the original "Clone Wars" microseries from 8 years ago, while short and largely forgotten nowadays, was vastly superior. Genndy Tartakovsky is an animation genius:


@novastarj: Thanks for the suggestions, I might have to look at watching those. I've just recently jumped back into Star Wars thanks to The Old Republic MMO and thought of trying to watch these series to get a better understanding of the SW Universe.


@sharpeone: If you're really interesting in the "universe," the series in the deal is pretty good. It does provide fun and interesting background, filling in some gaps between the original trilogy and prequel trilogy.


It's a great series that holds up great under its own. Sort of makes up for the prequels' faults.

If you enjoyed the prequels, the recent star wars games, especially The Old Republic, this is something worth getting for sure.

It's not just for kids! Smart, and witty at times writing.