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This game was played in an episode of Tabletop recently -
Looks like a fun game, even for those who aren't into D&D or other RPGs.


May have to get this one -- thanks for posting. Looks interesting and beautifully designed.


Great deal. You can tell it's a winner any time you can beat and's prices.

The game is excellent too. If you haven't played a euro (ie. very light on theme) worker placement game, this is an excellent starting point. It's fairly easy to learn and teach. After a turn or two around the board everyone will understand what's going on for the most part. Only the intrigue cards have ever sent me to boardgamegeek for a rules clarification. I believe there is also an official FAQ online.

If you've dipped your feet into board gaming with stuff like Settlers and Ticket to Ride, this is a good next step.


I just played this game for the first time last week. It is a pretty good game. Similar setup to games like Pillar of the Earth. You have quests which require either specific quantities of adventurers (represented by different colored cubes for each class) or gold...usually a mix of both. You get these by taking turns placing meeples onto the board and collecting the associated cubes or gold pieces. Quests are rewarded with Victory Points or other benefits. The person with the most VP at the end of 8 rounds wins.

The game does have pretty good replay value though in the fact that you can build buildings which change the board and collect rent for you as well as playing intrigue cards which can do a variety of things.


I would add to the comments that this is an excellent worker management game and just an all around fun game, with a lot of replay value and the fact, that a Add on pack for the game just got released a month ago, so there is even more to do.

BUT Lord of Waterdeep has the best designed box ever for making setup and Break down very easy.. You can set this game up in under 5 minutes or so. The box is very well done with a place for every piece and card.

this design makes setting up the game and putting it away very easy and not a chore at all, unlike other games were the bits and parts are dumped into the box, or you provide the zip lock bags to keep parts in order.

I am seriously thinking of getting another copy, just so when my current copy gets worn out, I have another ready to play


There is an expansion which makes it playable for 6 people. This is a fun game, every game is down to the wire.


One of my favorite board games. It's a lot of fun. Don't let the fact that it's D&D inspired turn you away from a great game.


The fact that it IS D&D inspired me to get it. 😊


I picked this up this morning! I was able to get it practically free because I had $18 in Amazon points. I went back, because I forgot I still had a gift code too and was going to change my payment method to gift card for the balance, but when I went back the price is now back up to about $40!!

So this one may be over already. And they are showing only 8 left in stock again.


Wonky, as long as you dont refresh, the price sometimes is still $30 if you use the deals woot link. Not sure whats going on with it but if you missed out, keep trying the link, the price has changed on it twice, and when it shows as the $30 on it will go into the cart at $30