dealsrubbermaid easy find lids 20-piece storage set…


Oh nice, good thing I bought one of these for $20 like a month ago. Regardless, they're pretty solid and have a solid amount of sizes.


On Kmart's website I found Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids 40-Piece Storage Set for $16.00. Also, like on the 20pc set if you pick up in-store you can avoid the shipping fees.


I bought a big set of these around Christmas and ditched all of my mismatched junk. Nice and solid, good seals, great variety of sizes. A few weeks later I found a few more sets on a clearance rack at WallyWorld and added to my collection. This deal was even better. Sorry I missed it! (Not that I need any more, just that I always seem to WANT more!)


Thanks for this post! I ended up getting two and picking them up in store :D