dealsfriends: the complete series [blu-ray] for $149…


Misread that as $14.99 for a split second. Did a double take. Realize my mistake.

Shared it with the world.


To clarify the disclaimer in the OP: This Blu-ray set contains the original broadcast versions of the episodes for the show. For the DVDs, the producers created extended cuts of the episodes using deleted footage, but the deleted footage wasn't in HD so couldn't be used for the Blu-rays.

For season 7 of the show, a few episodes were original broadcast in a "supersize" 40 minute slot. The HD versions of these episodes use the edited version for reruns (but not the shorter syndication cuts), while the bonus disc contains the supersized versions in SD.


Actually, marsilies, I believe you have it backwards. The special features are the cut, SD versions. The HD versions are the "Super Sized" cuts.


@thechaim42: It depends on the season. For seasons 9 & 10, some of the episodes originally aired in "supersize" extended versions, and are in HD on the Blu-rays.

However, for the season 7 "supersized" episodes, the HD versions are the shorter, half-hour slot cuts, with the extended cuts of these episodes in SD on the bonus disc. You can look at the bonus features listed for the set to confim.