dealskaspersky lab pure 2.0 - 3 user free after rebate…


I don't recommend the use of Kaspersky software. Don't want to take the time to explain, so you can ignore me if you wish.


I would not recommend it either. Does not work. I had to have virus removal 3 different times and when I contacted Kaspersky they said they had never heard of the virus, but when I did a search the virus was over a year old and was posted all over the internet. There is a reason this is free!!!


I use kaspersky and have yet to have an issue, although with the testimony of ^these people I am starting to think I should double check.


Nothing is wrong with Kaspersky. It consistently earns top ranks in VB100 and comes with a suite of tools that are easy to use with very fine grain controls. From my professional experience I would say Kaspersky easily earns a spot on the top 5 chart.

A piece of no-brainer advice: No security suite can protect you from every variant of every malware. Safe practices while using your computer coupled with extensions to block advertisements, flash, malicious javascript and the like goes 99% of the way to protect you from accidental infections (NoScript, Ghostery, AdBlock+, and the list goes on).

A security suite is there just as a safety net but it cannot protect you from everything and don't assume it will. I'll get off my podium now.


@bogie21: That was the most useless comment I've seen on Woot.

I will recommend Kaspersky, because I've used it in personal and professional environments. It has excellent ratings for stopping malware, and is light on the system resources. They also offer the Kaspersky Rescue Disk free if you're in a bind; no subscription required.

If I wasn't happy with MS:SE at home, I would pay for Kaspersky.


Are the negatives because I didn't leave detailed information? I highly recommend anyone/everyone use Avast!. It is free and works well. Over the past few years, their detection rates have increased heavily making it much more reliable. It's updated often and scans through sites, scripts, email, IM, p2p and such to make it a good over all program.

If you're worried, Microsoft Security Essentials also works.. okay. I've not used it personally, but have customers who rave about it.

Match either of these with CCleaner and Malwarebytes and you should be running pretty.

Did I mention that all of these solutions are FREE?

@solkre I left it vague because I find it's better that each user do their own research and decide for themselves which they believe to be the best software. I don't think price should decide what software to use, and just wanted to post something so someone may stop, and do a little research before purchasing. Sorry for my poor post, it's been a long morning.



Everything that you said!
The majority of viruses happen as a result of poor user discretion (what would your mother think if she saw you on that webpage?) and failing to keep windows up to date (apparently Microsoft releases updates for some reason other than to annoy users...weird!), and then the other .01% can usually be stopped by AdBlock+ by itself. Ghostery, flashblock, and NoScript are just helpful for anything else.
Kaspersky is excellent, but since I can get MSE for free (not to mention that it gets new definitions via windows update), I have yet to justify paying for (I know this deal is free...) any security software.


I would not recommend Kaspersky either. Not that it does a bad job. I suppose it does a fine job but as others have posted good computer habits are far more important than AV software. However the free Microsoft Secuirty Essentials paired with the also free Malwarebytes do just as good a job. Plus they are free, not some wonky rebate.


I have used kaspersky for years. I have used a lot of the other virus programs but this is the best. My sister had a Trojan and a virus on her PC which had Norton on it BUT she could NOT remove them so I uninstalled Norton and put Kaspersky on it and that removed both the virus and the trojan! What more could anyone want. Easy to install, the virus database is updated every day, easy to install and use, Kaspersky anti-virus doesn’t put 7-10 things on start up like the others do (which SLOWS your PC down). Kaspersky removes more Trojans and viruses than anything else I have tried. I did an experiment on my laptop,it had a lot of viruses and Trojans on it and barely would run. I was going to throw my laptop away and get another one so with nothing to lose I installed Kaspersky and ran Kaspersky 2 times and my laptop is as good or maybe better and faster than it was when I first got it! My laptop had 12 viruses and 2 many Trojans to count.


When my Norton 360 ran out, I tried the FREE Microsoft Essentials antivirus protection. Haven't had a problem yet:


Costco ships Kaspersky with lots of their computers so I wound up with it. No problems so far so I bought more for other computers at home. One thing bothers comes from Moscow. Not sure the US government should use it....


I find that most virus software does not seem very valuable. I get a whole lot more use out of Malwarebytes than any virus software. That being said, it is a necessary evil.

Also, I have Kaspersky and find it works ok. However, I have been rethinking my use of the product since I read an article about Kaspersky in Wired magazine. It almost gave me the impression that you are supporting Russia and the former KGB when using and buying this product. It also sounded like Kaspersky is counter-acting the US's spy operations too. Not sure how true any of it was, though...


I previously recommended Kaspersky A/V, but can no longer. Heck, they covered up their own database being exploited a few years ago:'re better off with an enterprise edition of a major A/V package if you can get your hands on one, although I understand not everyone can.