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I don't get it. Why is this so expensive? Isn't it just on DVD?


It has the original theatrical releases of the three films, completely unaltered. Every time Lucas releases Star Wars, he screws around with it. The "cheaper" Return of the Jedi you find today has Hayden Christiansen edited into the end in place of Darth Vader, as an example. In this edition, Star Wars isn't even called "Episode IV", that was added in 1981. That said, I don't think it's worth it to pay George Lucas to undo all the screwing with my childhood he's done over the last 30 years.


FYI, the "bonus disc" theatrical releases are NOT ANAMORPHIC, so you'll have black bars at the top, bottom, AND the sides if you watch them on an HDTV (unless you "zoom" in). Thanks a lot, Lucas.

(If you . . . ahem . . . rip them to your hard drive, however, the black bars won't be there. Just saying. It's not DVD-quality, but my 4- and 6-year-olds didn't notice.)


Google star wars "limited edition" dvd

You can find better deals. IMO, SW and ROTJ are the two that have the most distracting changes. I don't remember anything in ESB that was a huge change.


Changes, from most distracting to least distracting:
1. Hayden Christensen in ROTJ
2. Boba Fett being a playa with the dancers in Jabba's palace
3. The slobbering furry lead singer in Jabba's palace
4. Tie between the Nyah-nyah-nyah floating droid in opening shot of Mos Eisley and the dinosaurs in Mos Eisley
5. The sarlacc mouth
6. Jabba & Boba Fett in SW
7. Greedo shooting first
8. Enya song instead of Yub Nub song
9. Temuera Morrison in ESB
10. Ian McDiarmid in ESB

I'm sure I left some out. What's most frustrating is how some of the most distracting changes are also some of the least "necessary."

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@rayray8822: c'mon... #1 HAS TO BE that Greedo shot first.
... and I'd like to add that the most distracting addition in ESB was when Luke let himself fall, but then screams "NOOOoooooo..." all the way down = lame-o.

AND, sorry everyone... I thought this was Blu-Ray when I posted. My bad.


@peterflynn: The key phrasing was "most distracting." As annoying as the Greedo Shot First scene is, it's fleeting. It's over quickly, and you move on. It's not excruciating to watch, as is the scene with the CGI band in ROTJ.


I didn't buy the BluRays, I won't buy the 3-D BluRays that will be released after they've all played in theaters, and this DVD collection is another reason why I won't be buying another copy of a Star Wars movie until after George Lucas dies. Why pay $300 to watch it almost exactly as I could from the old VHS?

When Lucas finally kicks it, someone smart at Lucas Arts will finally compile all of the different film versions (including the for-real originals, but formatted for modern TVs) and release them as a 27-disc BluRay set. I'll pay $300 to have my childhood back then, thank you.


@bradleyhartman: I think Lucas knows he can make a metric f%#k ton of cash by releasing the theatrical releases on Blu-ray. He's just biding his time.


@rayray8822: I'm sure he plans on doing it eventually, but the reality is he will never stop "tweaking" them until he's dead, and I refuse to buy another copy until I'm sure he's done.


Some of these changes are 15 years old. Move along.

I sincerely hope they put out the uncut originals at some point. Not because I want yet another copy of them, but because I can't wait for you people to stop complaining.