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I picked up a pair of these around xmas. Love it. I can play xbox or PS3 and my girlfriend doesn't have to listen to murder if she's reading or on the phone.

Highly recommended if your better half doesn't want to listen to your games/tv.


When they work they're amazing. The biggest problem I have with them is wireless interference. I don't know if it's an outside factor or my dual band wireless router, but I will randomly get a horrible loud POP sound from time to time that hurts my ears and is just distracting in general. If you won't have any sources of interference like I do go for them; at this price they're a steal and it's nice to not have to worry about any wires in the way.

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This is a pretty good price - not a fan of Turtle Beach anymore though. Loved 'em at first, then realized they were made like Faberge eggs. If you get a set, GET A WARRANTY. That's my only advice. And be prepared to deal with crappy customer service. Oh, and you can't actually talk to them.. nope, the techs only communicate through EMAIL lol.. That's not a joke either.

@le1: I seriously doubt that's RF interference - it's definitely a possibility, but RF is usually pretty consistent - it's probably just the fact that Turtle Beach is the Pinto of headsets :D


I'm having trouble finding where to buy these. Anyone purchased them on this site yet?


@le1: Sure you're not on the edge of range? I get the pops if I walk out of range, but not if I'm in range.


I've had these for at least a year and they work great. I do get some popping noise once in awhile. Seems to happen when the input signal is low. I never notice it during game play or during a movie. Also the range pretty good - meets my needs anyway.


I get pops right next to the tower and on the otherside of the room, then I move it away from my entertainment center and it helps...some. The pops are loud and can actually 'pop' my ear like when flying, and it is annoying stringing the tower across the nearby couch (I thought I got this to get rid of cords?). Still once I get it away from the router, the xbox, kinect, wireless mouse and keyboard, or WHATEVER is causing me physical pain while playing battlefield 3 it works better though still not perfect.
Nonetheless, it is really awesome to play BF3 with this quality of sound- I can hear from which direction the tank or helo is coming from BEFORE they nuke my backside. Seriously- it's surround-sound in my ear. I don't know how they do it, or maybe I'm just imaging things/am disorented from the early-mentioned poping sounds.